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Anything new that the staff has to tell you about will be posted here. There is also a suggestions board in here, so feel free to offer suggestions about anything you wish.

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Do not bother sending in an application if you have not read all of the important reads. This may seem harsh, but so is not reading my shizz. All apps go here.


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All accepted characters will go here.


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Here you can find your thread trackers, relationship shippers, and wanted ads.


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Anything else pertaining to your character goes here.


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Skara Castle is where the royal family of Deflou Spero and their guardians reside. Despite the cold winters and hot summers, this is the only home that the royal family has. Namely because it is so well protected. Residing on what was probably once a mountain, the grand castle of Skara drops down well over a hundred feet on all sides. Three bridges lead into the castle, one on the east, west, and south sides of it. The north side is completely without access. The castle houses several ballrooms ranging in sizes and reasons for use. Some are for formal use, while others are simply for small private parties. There are also three kitchens, typically only one is in use, however during bigger events, all three become quickly opperational. There is a small dining room for when it is just the royal family and a few guests, and there is also a larger dining room that can hold several hundred people. Dozens of spires litter the castle, most are used as look-out posts, but three are used for other things. The grand library resides in one, where only the royal librarian, the royal family, and those select few guests may enter. The tallest spire houses the royal observatory, where several star-readers are constantly on staff. With the final one laying claim to the royal classrooms. The royal family all reside on one floor, each member having a room large enough that for or five people could probably live in it, and each room decorated to said persons tastes. The only other notable thing about the castle, is that while it looks like it has no underground level, there are several hidden and mostly forgotten passages that lead deep into the rocks beneath the castle. Some lead to hidden rooms, others lead to passages hundreds of feet down that open to the ground far, far below the castle. It is used as a getaway option for the royal family should anything happen. Only the guardians, the king, and the queen know of thes

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Skara City is most definitely the most well off places in Deflou Spero. As it is so close to the castle - just over an hours ride on horseback - the city is kept immaculate. Now this does not mean that there is a lack of crime, in fact, there is a great deal of it. It is simply hidden. Most people only see the pristine buildings, the beautiful spires that house guards at all times, the clean cobbled streets. However, beneath this beautiful city is a whole other world. Several taverns and inns lead to underground paths, that lead to rooms where one can find gambling, drugs, and women - or men - of all kind. Some people have even built houses in this place. It is there that all of Skaras illegal deeds happen. Now one cannot simply stumble upon such things, chances are such a person would wind up dead. No, they must be invited by someone who is already welcome. Not that being invited is really a good thing, it is pretty much selling ones soul to the devil. That being said, most people will only see the nice side of Skara, and people come from all over to worship in the churches that scatter about Skara, or to shop at the pricey market place housed deep in the city heart that takes up several streets.


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Toluwi City is probably the most famous of Deflou Spero's cities. It is also the most feared. Rivaling Skara in beauty and flare, Toluwi has only the appearance of the royal guard. The royals did not make this city what it is today, no it was a combination of the religious fanatics and the more upscale, organized crime families. One might be curious as to how such a mix happened, but really it was meant to be. The crime families rule one half of the town, keeping their own kind of justice, while the religious fanatics protect the peace and brainwash help everyone who comes to them see the light. It is one of the more modern looking cities, being only in its second generation. The crime side retains dirt streets, while the side for religion has pure white stone streets. All those who visit here, beware that this is a whole new world.

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The Roads of Deflou Spero are all dirt, even those heading towards the major cities (excluding Skara). There is talk of attempting to make them stone, but that requires more man power than what the royal family is willing to put out, thus they remain old fashioned and a pain to travel on. Anyone traveling for long distance will wind up with dirt coating all of their belongings. While the royal family tries to keep the roads as safe as possible, it is not unlikely that one might happen upon bandits and thieves, so it is highly reccommended that you travel in groups and keep a watchful eye out.

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The Villages of Deflou Spero range from ancient wood houses, to more modern looking stone houses. Typically only the rich can afford the stone houses though, so it is more often wood houses that are seen. They vary in sizes, shape, and even decorations. Some houses are covered in vines, some are built into trees, some look like hills. It really depends upon the style of the village it is in. The villages are scattered all over Deflou Spero, and the sizes vary. Most seem to only have enough to scrape by, some are better off, and some...well they should probably just be put out of their misery.

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The Nightmare Forest has earned its name because most people from Deflou Spero refuse to enter it. There are a lot of dangerous creatures in the forest. Though that isn't the worst of it. It starts out really thin, but the further that a person goes in, the thicker the trees get. There is not a lot of light that makes it through the trees, but because of this fairyflies have made this forest their home. They often light up the paths of the forest, though be careful as they are known for leading an unwary traveler astray. The trees also work with the fairyflies, as they have the ability to detach themselves from the ground, and move around at will. Once they have moved, they will reinsert their roots deep in the ground, and one will never be any wiser that they had moved.


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The Krisan Ship is a traveling home for those that are rebelling against the royal family. Strangely the ship seems as though it was made of magic itself - which it very well might have been. Rooms are constantly shifting to make space for new members, or to suit a persons new needs. The strangest thing about this ship is that it travels on its own seemingly. It can both travel across land, ocean, and even in the air. It is constantly on the go, stopping only when a place is deemed safe. It seems to be made of all sorts of mismatched pieces of wood and metals. By far this is the most advanced object on land. Not just anyone is allowed in it though. Only those that are with the rebels will be allowed in alone, otherwise it requires for a person to come in with a rebel. The ship adjusts to its surroundings, going from plump and short, to tall and skinny so that it can fit through even the most tight of spaces.

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The Vera tree is the home of the Sisk race. It is one huge tree, going up several hundred feet in height, and about half the height in width. It houses hundreds of the Sisk in the one area. Unfortunately, there is only one way in and one way out, and the one way is guarded night and day. The ground that the tree is on is believed to be sacred, smiled upon by the gods. Because of this, few people besides the Sisk have ever stepped foot inside, and those that have refuse to talk about what they see. The inside is filled with ladders and steps and rooms jutting out into the limbs of the tree. The Sisk race is one of the few who enter the Nightmare forest simply to capture the fairyflies to light their homes as they do not typically like to chance fire. When it gets colder in the winter, they do however crack and allow the use of fire.

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The Ocean completely surrounds Deflou Spero on all sides. Deep in the water is a lot of hidden treasures, some of which few people even know exist. Most notably is the underwater city that houses the water Elims. The waters can get pretty harsh when the weather turns bad, and only the bravest or most foolish risk the water in the winter. On top of the harsh waters and weather, there are a lot of dangers in the water. Giant monsters, natural metals that leave a ship without navigation, and even the water Elims themselves can prove to be deadly adversaries for travelers. Anyone out on the water should be wary and keep their wits about them. The coasts are often beautiful and sandy, treasures from the waters often float up onto the beach coast, and there are some people from villages nearby that collect the treasures and make jewelry or furniture out of the stuff.


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The sky of Deflou Spero is something to behold. During the day there are two suns, one large one, and one very small one. The result is that it is warmer when the larger sun is closer, and colder when the smaller sun is closer. There are also two moons, one appears to be nearly red, and the other is a deep purple. There are millions of stars that decorate it as well. On top of this, there are several islands that have ripped apart from the land of Deflou Spero and traveled up to the sky.


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Izak volcano is the only remaining volcano in Deflou Spero. It is still active, and at times sputters to life. Because of this, the nearest village is several hours away. Even being so far away, when the volcano comes to life, the nearby villages still feel the heat and find themselves covered in soot and fighting against the smoke of the volcano. It is about a three day ride on horse from the Skara castle. It is actually in the heart of the Deflou Spero land. Despite it being active, the volcano seems to have a mind of its own and will cut on and off with little rhyme or reason behind it. All around the volcano is giant mountains extending far into the sky. Paths can be found that cut through and around the volcano, but most people tend to steer clear from it for fear of it becoming active while they are close to it.

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Louva Cliff can be found at the very, very north of Deflou Spero and was once a giant volcano, once being the key word. Almost a thousand years ago, back when the dragons were still seen in the world, two of the dragons waged war on one another. The result was the volcano exploding into pieces. Now, a thousand years later, the land surrounding it is covered in lava. The only thing that has survived is a beautiful blossom tree. A sign to all who look at it that even in despair, life can survive. Most are wary of visiting here, as there is very little of the land left untouched by the lava.

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The mountains and canverns can be found all over Deflou Spero, and there are all sorts of creatures hiding within them. Each mountain is different, some are hot and shorter, while others extend far into the sky and are covered in snow and ice. There are more mountains to the north of Deflou Spero then the south, though there are still some there as well. Deep in the caverns one might find that there are paths that lead further into the heart of the land, traveling down and into the land itself. What is hidden there is a mystery, but since someone took so much time to dig into the ground, there is obviously something there. Something hidden. Perhaps it might be best left hidden.

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Zero island is found far, far to the south of Deflou Spero. The further south that a person goes, the colder it gets, until two hundred yards into the ocean, one stumbles upon Zero Island. The island is all snow and ice, and the only reason the water is not also frozen, is that the water is strangely warm here. Despite the cold, there is a group of people living here. They are not followers of either the rebels or the royals, and because it is so cold and so far away, the royals leave them be.


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